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Business Cards & Stationary

We have a firm belief that you should always carry a business card with you as it is your most important piece of advertising. In the world of business cards, we offer all shapes and die cuts, various paper styles, straight through to the latest and greatest plastic cards.

Absolut Media designs and creates a wide variety of business stationary from classic & electronic letterhead, envelopes in any size, to quality branded folders for submitting your quotes or RFPs for new business.

When it comes to printing these promotional items and business tools, we can complete the task for you, ensuring your product matches perfectly with the proper pantone colors and paper style, which achieves consistency across all borders. A wide range of paper samples is available to choose from such as fine linen for your letterhead; security protected envelopes for distribution of your company's cheques, and shiny gloss coated paper.

Whatever your needs in this category, Absolut Media will create captivating layouts to make certain your products look great, feel great and overall gain a first impression of professionalism.

A helpful hint: Do not cheap out on the quality of your business cards. Ensure they are in full color (unless your entire branding happens to be always black/white) and double-sided - Yes, flip your card over, and you have a blank side that could inform new clients once again all that you can do for them. The other glaring mistakes we see all the time are companies that which have a website. They list their web address on their card but then utilize an email address from hotmail or gmail account. Simply don't do this and obtain a proper email address that corresponds to your company's domain name. Did we mention we build websites?

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