Perfect in its Parts

We develop ideas, designs and lasting images for clients who believe in inventive creativity. Our ad agency is affordable. We ask you to contact us with your vision or project and let us contribute our ideas through a complimentary conversation. Read More

Logo Design & Development

We can design exactly the logo you want. Alternatively, what we think would work best. In fact, usually we design on average 10-15 various logos for new companies starting out.

This first step to business success is a visual identity that internally moves you and brings joy. Some creative thinkers believe it needs to match your personality, business values and morals.

However, it also needs to captivate your target audience.

The price-point for developing logos are two fold. We can offer you our hourly rate of $65.00/based on the half-hour with an estimated quote for a specific design in mind. On the other hand, our 'Logo Development Package' which provides the opportunity of viewing our custom drawings, which are: Your logo vision, what we think you need, and various other corporate-like, fun or out of the box concepts that you may not have imagined. In the end, we may tweak for hours endlessly to get your logo just perfect in its parts, but we will know all about you, your vision and the person you dream to be. And all this will be seen in your logo for a rate of $1250.00. Including, 15-hour design time maximum for your company logo, business card layout and 1000 business cards, electronic branded letterhead, and all supplied logo formatting required (jpg, gif, eps, ai etc. in color and black/white).

A helpful hint: Do not draw your own logo, especially using Microsoft Word. If you have the ability, then go ahead, but use vector based programs such as Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. Reason-being, you will require your logo to be blown up for a sign; on promotional pens, jackets, you name it. And if it is not created in just the right way then it will look blurry, pixalized with tiny little squares, it won't fit dimension-wise on certain items, the list goes on and on. Basically, it will be cheap looking, troublesome and overall a truly bad design. The truth hurts sometimes, but is this the way you want to start your dream of working and owning a business for yourself?

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