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Mail Out Distribution

Absolut Media provides mail out distribution throughout Canada and the United States using various distribution entities. We work with you not only through the distribution end of things, but of course as a full service advertising agency, we can supply ideas & concepts for your marketing piece, graphic design requirements, and all the way to the final printing of your mail piece. This is an affordable method of advertising and a great way to promote your business through flyers, postcards, pamphlets, brochures, questionnaires, invites, etc.

We can strategize the output specifically to your target market and reach potential clients that require your services or blanket an area of consumers who live and work within your business location right down to a certain street. Absolut Media can target urban or rural areas, houses, apartments, farms or businesses or work on your client list for a marketing piece that speaks directly to them.

A helpful hint: Mail out distribution is a great way to reach customers, but your business must track the returns to see if it is working or pay us to do so. Time and again though we see a lot of companies fail in this final portion as they opt to take care of tracking the return themselves. Before committing to this expense, develop internal methods of how you can ensure this medium is working for your business rather than wasting money on an inefficient follow-through on your end. We can create the concept, design it, print it, and get it out into people's hands, but as always, there is work on your part to be done, or you simply should pay us to track returns.

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